Two Keys to My Clients' Success

Most job seekers do not understand what sets them apart from other candidates – MY CLIENTS DO! Why? Because they know what their personal brand is. Coupled with my knowledge of ATS software, my clients’ resumes are designed to get past the robots and in front of actual decision makers.


Read on to better understand how I do it, how my process works and my commitment to my clients.


Get the score that gets you past the robot and in front of a human.


97% of Fortune 500 Companies Now Use ATS

Being judged by a robot may seem dehumanizing, but it is a fact that this “digital gatekeeper” scans your received resume, compares it to the job description you want to pursue and assigns a score based on how well you resume matches up.


The Score You Need to Get In Front of a Human

Your resume needs to score 80% or higher to have a good chance of getting an interview. A score of 80% or higher will get your resume past the robot and in front of a human being. A score of 80% or lower takes you out of the running.


I Excel at Creating Resumes that Achieve the Ideal Score

Both formatting and effective utilization of keywords is critical. I use ATS software to score your resume ensuring it hits 80% or higher. I apply the same knowledge to development of branded LinkedIn profiles, too.

Identification of Your Personal Brand

Ever find yourself trying to answer the question, “What is your value?”

“I’m organized. I’m a leader…blah, blah, blah.” That was the answer I stammered out after being asked if I knew what my value in the marketplace was. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say, “blah, blah, blah,” but what I did say was not impressive or memorable. I had been networking over coffee with someone further along in their career. I had enthusiastically nodding in agreement with her previous statement about how critical it was to know your value in the marketplace. BUT I FAILED when it came to articulating my unique value in the marketplace.

In my head, I knew what my value was, but because I had never taken the time to define it, I could not articulate it so that it was MEMORABLE, SUCCINCT and COMPELLING. That’s when I first understood the importance of personal branding.

When you know your personal brand, you will be more EFFECTIVE, PERSUASIVE AND CONFIDENT. You will STAND OUT in a very crowded marketplace.

GIVE YOURSELF THE ADVANTAGE THROUGHOUT YOUR CAREER. Identify and utilize your personal brand on your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.


Everyone has a personal brand.

Those who work with us know it. Our clients/customers know it. Our family members know it. But do you know it?

Your personal brand is UNIQUE to you. In a crowded marketplace, a STRONG PERSONAL BRAND on your resume and LinkedIn profile can make the difference between whether someone reads or moves on.


Why Your Personal Brand is Important

How do you stand out amid a mass of professionals with similar experience and background aiming at the same targets you are? By identifying your personal brand. It quickly and succinctly communicates your value capturing someone’s interest so they read more.



What Your Personal Brand Consists Of

The client and I collaborate in the personal brand discovery process. Your personal brand is a combination of six factors. What others say about you. What you say about yourself. What people experience when working with you. What potential employers can expect from you. What your unique value is. Who you are targeting.

Using the client’s feedback about the six factors and what I hear during our strategy, I create a strong brand that captures the client’s unique value.



Establishing Your Personal Brand Allows You to Control How Others See You

I take the frustration out of having to identify your own personal brand and create expertly branded resumes, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters. If you don’t define your personal brand, someone else will. Don’t let someone else define your brand for you, take charge of your future and define brand now! Then sit back and experience why my clients say it is the gift that keeps on giving.


Increase Your Confidence. Improve Your Persuasion Skills.

Once you know your personal brand, your confidence will soar because you’ll be able to use it when interviewing make your answers STRONGER. Your personal brand will also be a critical asset when you have to have those crucial conversations like justification for a RAISE or PROMOTION throughout your career. What better way to improve your persuasion skills by using your personal brand to explain the value you bring during these critical conversations?

5 Steps &

1 Week Later You’ll Have Your Documents

The Process is Easy

#1 Call

Call and for a quick chat about your resume and career goals. We will guide you to the service that fits you best. Email to set up an appointment now.

#2 Sign Up & Pay

Sign up for our Launch, Accelerate or Flourish resume services and pay via Square.

#3 Submit Resume & Resume Questionnaire

Send a copy of your resume and fill out the Resumes Transformed & More questionnaire.

#4 One-on-One Resume Consultation

Schedule your resume strategy session with a careers expert. It’s great interview prep! We’ll go through your career and uncover the content that will set you apart as well as clarify details from your existing resume and questionnaire. The best thing, you can tap into my expertise and ask me any burning questions you have about the job search process. I’m happy to give you guidance and advice as we work together. Maximum one hour.

#5 Document Delivery

Your resume and any other supporting documents you ordered will be delivered in 5 business days unless “rush” service is ordered.

My Commitment to My Clients

I am committed to excellence in every client interaction and product produced. I commit to act with the highest integrity and honor any and all promises I make to you.

I am committed to treating you as we would want to be treated. That means I treat you with respect and understanding. I am committed to continuous improvement by pursuing new educational opportunities to further our knowledge of the industry and current trends.

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