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The Flourish Resume Level is for the senior level professional or executive ready to capitalize on his/her expertise and extensive experience and lead others to their own success. You’re ready for the next step and to embrace a new challenge, perhaps join a board of directors. We will highlight your strengths and attributes and detail the experience that qualifies you for the position you’re seeking.

We’ll create a resume that shows potential employers and recruiters that you are a one-of-a-kind leader who gets results.


$575 Investment for a Flourish Level Resume

Each order includes a Word, PDF and ASCII version of your resume.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: We offer a 10% discount on resume writing for any active duty or retired military within the last three years.



Payment plans available for orders of $250 or more



RUSH Orders Available

Delivery Time Frame 24 – 48 hours – $200

A La Carte FLOURISH Level Services:



Includes development of your LI profile that aligns with market expectations and is written with a personal, conversational tone that emphasizes your professional brand, incorporates keywords, data and other information that recruiters and hiring managers look for in LinkedIn searches.


A consultative, one-hour training session on effective utilization of the LinkedIn platform. Make sure you are getting the connections, introductions and opportunities you desire by learning all the tactics and best practices that will ensure you stay top of mind with your connections and attract the right kind of attention on LinkedIn, one of the most powerful resources for the job seeker.


Compelling, targeted cover letters or e-notes for email purposes. Get a cover letter that concisely and eloquently tells the reader why they should look at your resume.


Perfect for the senior to executive level professional that is not actively looking, but needs a document that sums up their experience succinctly and can be passed on to interested parties, boards of directors, colleagues, etc. to show the breadth of their experience and impact.
Do you know you the value of a good reference? It can enhance the way a potential employer sees you which increases your value and makes you more desirable which can translate into a better offer all the way around. Take time with your references. Don’t throw away an opportunity to reinforce what you’ve worked hard to convey during the interview process. We’ll format your references to match your other documents, work with you on choosing the best references and make sure a potential employer understands why you included this person as a reference before they even call.
ATS (Applicant Tracking System) RESUME SCAN – $50 INVESTMENT PER POSTING**
We will run your resume against a job posting you intend on applying for to see if it will make it past the ATS. We are looking for a score of 80% or higher. If your resume does not score high enough we will go over the missing keywords and functions with you and insert as many applicable ones as possible in order to get you the score that will get you past the bots. We will scan the resume up to two times for each posting.
**Disclaimer: If the client sends a position that could be considered a stretch for their experience, we may not be able to get the score up to 80%. That’s why it is important to send positions that you align with your background and experience. We can also discuss alternative methods of applying for a position that is outside the realm of your background and experience.
One hour mock-interview to work on answers to tough interview questions. Client receives MP3 of the interview to review critique, tips and strategies discussed during the mock interview session. Maximum one hour.
We will email your resume and cover letter to recruiters and/or private equity companies based on your selected criteria. We will provide a list of the recruiters and PE firms we send your resume to so you can easily follow up.
RESUME TAILORING OR UPDATING – $250 INVESTMENT Resume Tailoring or Updating (for previous clients only)

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