Career Identification Can Help You:


♦ Save money on college tuition costs by determining what career pursuits align with your child’s personality and interests and ensure they graduate in four years rather than six.


♦ Discover what careers might be a better fit than what you’re doing now.


♦ Confirm what you’ve known all along – you would be more effective in a different role.


Many professionals graduate college, even pursue an advanced degree in a particular field just to find out they are not satisfied in their job or chosen career. Inside they feel like they were made to do something else but have no idea how to figure it out. Career identification can be a helpful tool for the professional interested in better understanding their personality and what careers are better suited for their personality.


According to a Time magazine article entitled, “The Myth of the Four Year College Degree” in January 2013, fewer than 40% of students graduate in four years and nearly 60% graduate in six years. For students and parents that means more money spent on tuition than is necessary. Additionally troubling for the student are the two less years he/she could be earning money as a college graduate in the marketplace. A big factor college education extends beyond four years is due to students not knowing what classes to take because they are not sure what to major in or what career to choose.


Understanding your personality preferences can be the starting point to identifying a new career path, making a decision about whether to stay at your current job, assist the high school student in determining their college major and/or the college student decide on a career path before graduating and starting an aimless job search.


I use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to aid clients in better understanding themselves. Then together we examine and discover other key variables i.e., skills, values, abilities, interests, etc. that can lay the ground work for pursuing a new, more fulfilling career. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is the most widely used personality assessment tool in the world and is valued for its reliability.


Take the mystery out of the questions, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Or “what are you going to major in?” And “what are you going to do after graduate?”


Each session is $195 and includes test, questionnaire, a book on MBTI theory and a list of careers.
Payment Terms: Half due before session. Remaining balance due at end of session.

Discounts given to families scheduling more than one session.



How Career Identification Sessions Work:


Client completes Myers Briggs Type Indicator and emails back results.


Client completes a specially prepared questionnaire based upon initial intake information.

This helps me get to know the client better and glean key information and clues to aid in career direction.


We schedule an appointment either over the phone or in person if you are local.

When meeting with students, parents are welcome to attend. However I ask that parents listen primarily and interact as the student requests. This time is for the student and he/she should feel free of parental pressure or influence that might impact the debrief session.


I will provide a list of potential “good fit” careers based on the student’s personality profile.

I will also provide a list of resources and strategies for continued career identification and research geared toward the client’s personality.